I feel strongly that tracking benefits both site owners and visitors. Tracking is not a tool used by site owners to spy on their visitors; instead it demonstrates their consideration for you, the visitor. Site owners who use tracking want to improve their site to provide you with a better experience. The goal may be to sell you more products or encourage you to read more content, but ultimately the decision to purchase or read lies with the visitor - you are in control.

This site uses a variety of analytics tools to track visitors' activity. The information gleaned is not personally identifiable, and through statistical analysis is used at an aggregated level to improve this site. I do not and will not use tools or techniques that allow for personally identifiable information to be revealed. You are of course free to block cookies from this or any other site through the tools settings in your browser.

The following tools are used by this site to track visitor activity:
  • Google Analytics including a Doubleclick cookie to allow socio-demographic reporting
  • Clicktale
  • Clicky

It also uses Kampyle to request feedback from visitors.

Here's Nigella making some helpful suggestions for cookies:
Real Time Web Analytics
Feedback Form
Website Feedback